Rays Engineering Lug Nuts



  • 12,800JPY
  • 12pcs 19HEX Nut, 4pcs Lock Nut, 1 L41 Key adopter 19HEX 26φ
  • Material: A7075
  • Size: M12x1.5, M12x1.25
  • Color: Blue Almite, Black Almite, Red Almite, Gunmetallic Almite, Orange Almite
    ※All new colors (excluding Gunmetallic) have different color finishes compared with existing products.
  • L32 Duralumin Straight Nut (4pcs PACK): 2,800JPY
  • L32 Duralumin Straight Lock Nut (4pcs PACK): 5,000JPY


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